Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Crapstix blog hacked on holiday

Margaret you've won this round but revenge is imminent.

Click for more fail dog pictures

Sunday, April 27, 2008

blog hijacking

Adam must have logged in to blogger when he was over last night, and he's still signed in. Hey the door was open, I just walked in. By using the word "hijacking", you will be monitored by a secret government agency, but I suspect they are already watching.
Roberta is on a motorcycle trip to the East Cape, and I'm not envying her today because rain is pissing down. It's not too cold though, so she should be good with her heated vest.
Adam recorded and mixed a song for his fab new band. He was here last night with his favorite board game, Tigris and Euphrates. He won the first game, but once the rest of us caught on, there were battles everywhere and Darin came from behind to win the second game. I made a totally kickass chili and strawberry lemonade (with tequila for some of us/me).