Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Still on the bicycle challenge

I've been riding to work everyday rain or shine. Yay, it's been fun and I've lost a little weight, fortunately no close encounters with cars since day 1.

Yesterday I opted not to ride my bike because of a dentist appointment, then I was going to take a taxi to work. For various reasons I ended up riding the bus to work during rush hour and it was soooo painfully slow. Urgh, I'd rather ride my bike in the pouring rain than ride the bus in rush hour. People were walking faster than the bus and I still had to walk a kilometer or so to work so what is normally a 8-10 minute bike ride turned into an hour long bus commute.

On the dentist, my front tooth cracked off from a weak crown and now I have to get a dental implant. It's going to be soo fun! I can't wait, plus I have nothing better to spend my money on. Dental insurance doesn't cover 'cosmetic' - since when does replacing a tooth equate to cosmetics? Insurance companies suck.