Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Moving to New Zealand Plug

You may have missed it but some folks in Wellington posted a comment requesting to plug a new dvd about moving to New Zealand. They are from the east coast US and are now living in Wellington. Anything that helps skilled labour move to NZ is OK by me. Granted I've never seen this video so can't vouch for it. But if they wanted to send me a free dvd, and I'll check weather its good, and later post a nice review I would.

send to:
21A Cathedral Pl
Parnell, Auckland

Yes it's a shameless ploy for something free, but hey, I'm already in NZ and don't really need to watch it.

My first duo sport swim/run

I did a Stroke and Stride event at St. Heliers. 750m swim, 3 k run and I am pooped. I was really nervous about it, mostly about the transition and not having the flash gear, and having my blabs hanging out everywhere.

When I arrived at the race there were some real pros (totally buff hot people) walking around. Crap-oh-crap I thought. Well I walked around and eyed some ladies that looked more my style sat down and set out my stuff. Turned out they were talking about doing other runs/thons/tris etc or about how they got home drunk the other night. Whew! My kind of people.

I pushed it really hard for the 750m swim because I knew swimming was my better suite. What sucked is that I got out of the swim early in the pack and then just had everybody pass me on the run. I only passed two people running a - girl walking and an old man doing a half gnome like kiwi-shuffle (the guys start 20 minutes before the girls).

And I won a cool hat at the prize give away. I'm definitely going to do another event soon. I'll drag Adam along next time so I won't have to ride my bike home. That was the grilling bit. That added another 25km to my day on top of 8 hours at work. Work is definitely going to get in the way here soon.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Parenting Beyond Belief

For all the parents out there, I came across a really cool seminar for parents:

Participants learn effective ways to encourage religious literacy without indoctrination; help kids interact productively with a religious world; help kids develop active moral reasoning; weigh church-state issues in the public sphere; address sensitive issues with religious relatives using the principles of nonviolent communication; help children develop a healthy understanding of death and a joyful love of life; build a family atmosphere of fearless questioning and boundless wonder; and much more.

Here's the link:

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I did the Auckland Harbour Crossing!

Yay, I swam across the Auckland Harbour today in the organized sea swim. I could have swam a lot farther. I think I'll try to do another ocean swim for a farther distance. They do a swim around Rangitoto that is about 4.8kms. I think the only thing holding me back is the chafing around my neck from my wetsuit. I used some anti-chafing stuff (comes in a deodorant type dispenser), which helped, but I still have a sensitive raw ring around my neck that burned like hell when I took a bath. I'll post my time result when they come in.

I was going to go for a jog today too, to start preparing for a triathlon, but I fell fast asleep after my bath. I'm making up for the last two sleepless nights. I think I was a little nervous, glad I finished and had fun.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Auckland Harbour Crossing Swim

It's time for me to do something crazy. I've been training for the Auckland Harbour Swim. I think I'm prepared. Yesterday I swam 3000 metres at the Parnell baths (cold saltwater pool), and I have been doing some open water swims with a local group at Kohimarama so feel fairly prepared, but it will still be a challenge. I'm looking forward to it. Wish me luck!

I hope my teeth don't get too cold and fall out.

Dental Implants in New Zealand

As some of you may know, I've had some dental problems stemming from an accident as a little girl. My two front teeth, literally, where knocked dead and I have been very careful with a second set of crowns on them. They finally both came loose at the same time, and I had both of the entire tooth pulled and two titanium implant posts as replacements. Titanium apparently does a really good job of 'melding' to the jaw bone. I have some really gross photos to go with the event. Dr. Collins at Newmarket Dental and Dr. Myers at the Institute of Dental Implantology. This website explains what happened.

This is a not-so-gross photo, but there are plenty more really gross ones here. These are my actual 'not' teeth. Oddly enough these new teeth (with temporary crowns until I get porcelain replacements in a couple of months) feel tons stronger than my natural teeth. Now I have a bionic mouth! And, yes, it was really expensive.