Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Damn... Looks like we are going.

I destinctly remember the look in Roberta's eyes when she first said the statement "I wanna move here". We had just got done with a string of days that involved nothing more than playing in the water and eating incredible food. What I hadn't told her was that we actually had that opportunity.

Security Reporting Center(SRC), the product that I had last worked on with Webtrends, got moved to Houston. In the process I got transfered up to the web analytics department. Over time more and more questions were coming through about how to handle issues in the product. There was my in to get on as a contracter and move to Costa Rica.

The day after we got back from our wonderful vacation I gave the manager of SRC a call and asked him about having me pick up the contract for maintenance on the product. Since then we have been working out the details of the contract.

Last week we hit a snag when the contract went to legal and they flipped out over the fact that the work was going to be done in Costa Rica and there was encryption in the product. I guess this is a large no-no for export compliance. Roberta and I have been drinking ourselves silly waiting for the answer from legal.

Then today I get and email from Brett in Houston. I saw the email hit my inbox and it had a title of "And the results are....". I instantly called up Roberta who was at work and we opened the email together. I had my hand over my face like it was some horror movie and the monster was about to bit someones head off. ** Click ** And now we are going to Costa Rica.

There is much work to be done and ducks to get in rows before we can leave but at least we have three weeks to do it in.

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