Sunday, February 12, 2006

Guatemala and Tikal

We went to Tikal at the end of January. We flew into Flores and than took a tour to Tikal. I would recommend taking a tour of Tikal because the guides are very knowledgable. For us we didn't do that much research about Tikal before we went, we just heard that we HAVE TO GO! For our Guatemalan trip we utilized the services of Nancy at Guatemala Reservations. She was very easy to work with via e-mail. This is the first time we went with a travel agent because we didn't have a guide book and we were looking for recomendations for hotel and travel arrangements for Tikal.

For more information about Tikal and Mayan culture here are a couple of good websites:

-Good Tikal Maps
-Wiki Tikal
-Mayan Calendar
-And don't forget Tikal the strategy game board, which we bought a couple of years ago

During out trip to Guatemala our camera broke so we bought a disposable camera that took OK pictures.

Check out the rest of our pictures here.

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