Saturday, July 22, 2006

Pictures of where we live: Parnell, Auckland

We've had requests for pictures of where we live. Just to describe the location we are about a block and a half from the Auckland Domain (huge city park and museum), Parnell and Newmarket - very cool neighborhoods. Although we don't have a view of water from our house we are abutting Newmarket park (nice trails) and some city night views. Our house is a duplex and the family next door is very nice, and the other next door neighbor's dad lives on Sauvie Island in Portland. Small world!



Anonymous said...

Looks great - life in the jungle! Soaring is very cool - I soloed in a Schweitzer, getting my training down in Calistoga Springs Ca. Like your car trolley turnaround - center bearing or outer track? Keeping an eye on your adventures from Independence Ore.

Roberta Robles said...

Hi Tom
I'm not sure what track it's on, we would have to clambor underneath the deck to figure that one out. Independence, that's out in Eastern OR right?