Saturday, August 26, 2006

Guatemalan smell

Today I was ironing a tapestry that Adam and I bought in Guatemala.

The smells of Guatemala provoked memories of dusty villages, farm animals and young girls sitting on their porches weaving their brightly colored tapestries. They wore those bright tapestries which contrasted quite starkly with their long black thick straight hair. I remember being stranded on the bus on top of a huge ridge line. You could look down and see the 4:00 late evening colors start to form. Lines of people in other cars, trucks and busses were congregating on the side of the road. They were selling roasted corn on the cob. These were not average corn on the cobs. They were speckled with black and gold kernels that were mismatched in shape as well. It had wonderful flavor, after I wiped off the big gobs of mayonaise and ketchup.

I definitely think we need to end the invasion of bad ketchup and mayonaise. It's all over the world and it has got to stop. Kiwis premake sandwiches and you can't get one without mayonaise, Blek! They are disgusting condiments, people should start using their imagination and come up with something better. Blek!

Thank you for reading the stream of conciousness post!

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