Thursday, September 07, 2006

Best Four Hours of Your life

My friend "Bob" we'll call him had the best four hours of his life. I'm inspired to think about what the best four hours of my life would be, I don't think I can have sex for that long, so I have to think of something else.

Here's his experience, I've removed the names of the innocent , because "Bob" likes anoniminity, he's not a pansy-ass name dropper and the search engines find everything. If you know "Bob" you'll know who this post is about.

"So my friend and I went to bumbershoot in seattle last weekend to see 'THE famous comedian' perform. I do 'THE famous comedian' 's website and have known him for a while. He hasn't done a standup show outside of LA in like 10 years, so him doing 3 shows in seattle was a must-go kinda trip. We get there, get our backstage credentials, see 'THE famous comedian' s show, hook up with him backstage, the 3 of us go to the womens roller derby for a while and then we go to another comedy show thats happening at the festival, we go in the green room and have some beers and then slowly over the course of the next hour or so, 'famous comedian 2' , 'famous comedian 3' , 'famous comedian 4' , 'famous comedian 5' , 'famous comedian 6' , 'famous comedian 7' , 'famous comedian 8' , and 'famous comedian 9'  all start coming through the door one by one. we had beers and made midget jokes and generally shot the shit. I think if we hadn't been there as guests of 'THE famous comedian'  they wouldn't have given us the time-o-day, but since 'THE famous comedian' is some kinda hero of comedy, we were like royalty. They laughed at all our jokes (even the stupid ones) like we had some kinda power over them. It was the most amazing 4 hours of my life.
ok, i'm done. hope you guys are good."

Right-on, all those years of archiving and fandom paid off.

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