Monday, January 22, 2007


We did it. This weekend we acquired two cute kittens from the pound.

This is Tica:

Initially we thought that it might be interesting to get a pure bred cat of some exotic breed. We went to a couple cat breeders and were thoroughly disgusted by the treatment of the cats. I just don't think that you can humanely raise a large number of cats. And as soon as they are bred for money it looks like they stop being treated as pets.

Our first trip to the SPCA(pound) was a shocker. We got there at 2:00 on a Saturday and they were completely out of kittens and there were only a couple other older cats there which were by no means ugly or mean. We talked to an attendant and she said that there is stiff competition for the kittens and that we would have to get there at 10:00AM to get a good kitten.

We went back at 10:00AM the following weekend and there were already about 15 people pointing and talking about which ones they wanted. We pushed our way into one of the cat rooms and surveyed the cuteness. There were two kittens that were constantly playing and that liked to be held. They also had interesting markings like some of the pure bred cats we were looking at. Roberta and I quickly agreed and I raced off to make sure no one else got them.

This is Haka:

They have been nothing but cuteness since, well aside from this morning when one of them unleashed a flood of pee onto our comforter. They just jump around and run and play all the time. We got them these little catnip mice that they just love. We have take them aways at bed time or else they will be bouncing off the walls all night.

Here are some pics:



June said...

OMG ... soooooo cuuuuuute! Kevin had a sneezing fit when he looked at the pictures just now.

King Nerd said...

Yeah, kittens are concentrated cuteness. Tica plays fetch for hours with here little mouse, she just can't get enough of it.

Anonymous said...

FLOL!!!!1 those are so fraking cute. they make Vida look like a sad sack of crap.

Roberta said...

Oh, no Vida is a good kitty! At least Vida doesn't pee in your bed! ARgh! Frak, that's right, they peed on our bed last night. Luckily we had removed all of the blankets to wash yesterdays pee off, so the second pee could go directly on the mattress. Tica was rightfully embarassed about the whole matter.

King Nerd said...

Just for clarification, Haka was the one doing the peeing so we think. He has been sick for the past few days and has had some bathroom issues. It looks like he is feeling better now after a nice trip to the vet.

This morning Roberta and I had to get him to swallow a pill and he just wouldn't open his mouth for anything. I had him by the neck and Roberta had to pry his mouth open. After a few attempts we were able to get him to swallow the pill.