Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New Wetsuit for open water swimming

Sunday was a grueling day of trying on six different wetsuits in two stores.
The same brand, same size, two different wetsuits would fit totally different.

Triathlon wetsuits are skin 'freakin' tight! It's like putting on a small pair of nylons over your entire body that is 3-5 mm thick. I have little bruises all over my body were I was trying to grip the wetsuit to pull up but instead was gripping my skin. Ouch! This on top of my healing sea lice saga.

I took it for a test swim at Parnell baths and have come to the conclusion that I am totally screwed It's like adding an additional five pounds to each arm, whereas I was once a stealth fast swimmer and now, with a wetsuit on, I feel like my arms are brick weights.

But at least I won't drown, since there is 5 milimeters on the torso it's like wearing a life vest. I couldn't sink even if I tried.

Here's a link to the Orca wetsuit I bought.

FYI - It's Adam's birthday today!


Anonymous said...
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King Nerd said...

Hey Angie. Thanks for the comment. I am just reposting it without you email as that might be asking for spam.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM !!! Its me, Angie. Just thinking of you today and thought it was way past time for me to send you a "hello". sounds like you guys are having a fabulous time! Things are good with me. Planning to open my own cafe here in kfalls. lifes great! everyone here is good too! Im at Send me a note sometime! Lots of love to you, Roberta, and miss Vida :)"

Deniel Hopkins said...

nice post and informative too. thnx
keep tri-ing :)

Roberta Robles said...

There's a fur seal club in Auckland that swims every sunday morning and other times as the tide permits if you are in thee area.