Saturday, June 28, 2008

Back in the State Part 1 of 4: Portland

As most of you know we spent the last three weeks in the States. Here's were we went and did.

Darren and Kristen graciously hosted us, again, in their large beautiful home in northwest. I really connect with Kristen, and Darren is always so sweet (even though he looks like a bad-ass). That night their band The Chapman Swift played, where Kristen turned into a rock-n-roll diva, Darren a killer drummer, Dan on bass, and Josh and Art on guitar. Art's girl Tianna (sp?) and I got the crowd shaking their booties and we had a really good time. I need to spend more time with Tianna, she's cool.

The next day we hung out with Monty and had a game night which also included Jim Bean - an American who spent some time in NZ learning how to hunt wild pig . We had lots to talk about, haha. I hope some day we'll live in the same town as Monty so we can have regular game nights.

I also had a chance to hang out with Monica and family which was fun. More on family later.

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