Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Bianchi Volpe 1 Yr Challenge Month 9

My Bianchi Volpe is still holding up quite well on month 9 of my one year bicycle challenge. Last month I had an accident and landed on the hood of a car and luckily did not get hurt. Landing on the hood of a car is a lot softer than landing on concrete. The Volpe took some damage to the head gear and that had to be replaced for $90 but had it been in a car the damage would have been a lot more expensive.

Adventure Cycles is now my favorite bike shop. The owner is fantastically patient with his motley crew of local budding young bike mechanics and a significant contributor to other community activities. I like supporting the next generation of bike mechanics, even if I had to teach them a few things about replacing head pieces, which isn't something that you do very often. (Un)Fortunately I'll have to ride across town to get to his new bike shop location.

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heather vail said...

Wow - six degrees may be. Both our kids went to school (one preschool) in K Falls (circa 2000) and we just relocated from 5 yrs in Reedsport! Where we sold our home the day we left SFO for AUK. Recall fondly the Waterfront Bistro in your hometown.If you visit Rotorua, plan to stop by!