Monday, April 06, 2009

Northland NZ Tour - 6 Highlights

I went up north with a friend who was determined to go to the tip of New Zealand. So we did just that this last 'extended' weekend. Here are the six highlights and all of the pictures:

1. Paihia (Bay of Islands)- nice little town with ferry access to Russel and is where the Treaty of Waitangi was signed aka birthplace of New Zealand. Would recommend the Pickled Parrot hostel. I could easily spend a few weeks in this area exploring.

2. KeriKeri - is a cute little cafe town and check out historic stone store.

3. Mahinepua - absolutely stunning views and lots of little coves and beaches to explore.

4. Coopers Beach - great place to bring parents and family.

5. Ahipara - Nice 'easy going' town. Good small surf break at high tide and access to 90 mile beach. Avoid at low tide as all the 4-wheelers take over the beach. Would not recommend the YHI in this town. Overpriced not too nice.

6. Cape Reinga - Must see the tip of NZ. Great views, good for a walkabout. Be warned it's a 'tapu' site so you aren't supposed to eat or drink at the park. Wasn't sure why there was a drinking fountain?

7. Rawraw Beach - The softest most beautiful white sand I've ever walked on. Period. I've spent a lot of time beach bumming and this sand was so soft because of all of the silica that naturally occurs in the area. Favorite NZ beach... for the moment.

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Well the last of my mad cartographic skills are now gone as illustrated with this rough sketch of our trip, from my ozone proof lips to your fingertips.


heather vail said...

Kia Ora Roberta - love your biking adventures esp. We too are expats (from Oregon) and would love to meet up with you guys some day. We live in the mountainbiking heaven of the north island - any guesses? You can find our family detailed I think a couple yrs ago before we arrived, you informed me why not to buy a house here - thanks! - Heather

Roberta Robles said...

My other word of wisdom is get your resident permits asap (vs work permits) as the time with work permit doesn't count towards permanent residency or citizenship.