Monday, September 07, 2009

Vienna trip

After 35+ hours in transit we are finally into our hotel room in Vienna. As crappy as 35 hours on airplanes and in airports sounds it really wasn't that bad. As long as you have sleeping pills and a bit of entertainment you are ok. We are going to read this post in 30 years and laugh about having to travel like this since we will just be teleporting everywhere.

Some thoughts on Vienna
- Definitely the most beautiful city. The city was halfway demolished during worldwar II and the city rebuilt itself entirely along the original urban design style due to some strict city planning regulations. I only dream of working in a town with vision like that. On the other hand after awhile it all looked the same, whereas perhaps a few more modern buildings thrown into the neighborhood would have given it some historical context for comparison.

-The one exception to the above comment - I can resolutely state with some matter of fact'ness' - every major city had a modern art building that looked like some big mega block plunked out of some post-80's architectural handbook. In Vienna I spent a good deal of time in the Museum Quarter and can say I didn't really like the exhibits at the modern museum, but the natural history museum had the biggest rock rooms - AWESOME!

-Changed hotels to the Intercontinental wear Adam stayed on his first trip to Vienna as it had better internet connections, windows to the street, air conditioning, beds basically everything was nicer.

-I took a bike tour and I had a really good time, would highly recommend it as the first point of call in Vienna. It helped me get my bearings around the city the day before we were scheduled to depart. They had really nice KTM city bikes to go with the miles and miles of bike lanes. I was in heaven, every time I get on a bike it's perma-grin!

- We went to a mozert concert with some opera singers. Vienna is famous for being Mozart's place of residence where he did most of his work as the first full time artist contracter (they were usually employed by kings, etc). The performers were all dressed up in period costumes. I suppose we were suppose to envision ourselves as being in the mozart time period, but I just confirmed in my head I do not like classical or opera singing regardless of costumes and quality.

- Vienna food was great and is known for it's weiner shnitzel. I had it once to try it out but my conscious kept reminding me of what veil was. Thereafter I stuck to the cheese, breads, sweets and coffee - mmmmm the food was so good there.

More Vienna pictures here.

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