Friday, July 01, 2005

Little Joys in Life

Daily rythms have found their way into my life again, thankfully. There were a few months that went by without a daily rythm; moving, finding apartment, etc. That tends to to get old for me.

One of the things that I do is go to the mall (almost) every morning. Whah? The mall you ask? Yes my gym is there and it is so close I can walk. Otherwise I would be paying outrageous rich people fees to drive to some dumb country club. It's really easy here to work up a sweat. So after that on my walk home I hit the local orange juice cart. Orange juice carts are shopping carts converted into roving juice carts. So a fresh glass of orange juice on my walk home is one of my little joys, it costs about .50 cents and there is no pulp! Mmm yummy

Another little joy is seeing our truck right where we parked it. I always say to myself, woohoo I can't believe the truck is still there. There is no alarm system or anything and with late model SUVs being the easiest to break into and steal, it's a small little joy to see it parked right where we left it.

And have we mentioned before, people here are genuinely happy. There's no grumpiness, or bitchiness. There are a lot of refugees here and people who are very poor, but no need to be upset about it. When Adam is not looking I tend to give spare change out, sometimes they will give you a little treat for your change like mints but today I got a really nice smelling single stick of incense. It smells nice.

Another thing that makes me happy is working. This week I have finally started working. I like working, just not the 9-5 office thing. Here are the guys I am working for: GIS

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