Monday, July 11, 2005

The Tico Time's Girls

If you get the Tico Times you will know that this week there was an 'entertainment' section where the Tico Times describes Karaoke in Costa Rica. There were some great photos of people singing their hearts out.

Backup a little bit...

So a friend from the United States introduced me to her friend Shar via e-mail. Shar just moved to Costa Rica and will be teaching at a private school Escazu, she's been staying with us for the last week. Shar was introduced to another teacher who knows some reporters at the Tico Times, who used to work at the same private school (it's a very small world in the english speaking circles of Costa Rica).

Well we meet the girls at a popular taxi pick up place, and low and behold the pictures in the newspaper matches who we are having dinner with. Needless to say there was a lot of teasing going on. But, I guess Karaoke is very popular with the Tico Times crew.

We end up at Machu Pichu (after getting ripped off my the cab driver, grrr). Machu Pichu is a very famous Peruvian restaurant that sells pisco sours. Pisco sours are now my new favorite drink, not that I drink that much. They are made out of some sort of brandy, lemon juice, and sugar. The brandy has a higher alchohol content than vodka so the first drink is all you need, but that is different than how much you want! By the second pisco sour we were ready to head to the karaoke bar. Luckily it was so crowded that only one person from our crowd made it up to sing. After that we went home because I just can't do that all night thing anymore, especially with karaoke involved.

Here is a picture of Shar,Roberta, and Adam.

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1988dylan said...

Greetings Roberta and King,

I heard that the food is very good at Machu Pichu. Have you had any meals there?


King Nerd said...

We actually went back there last night and had dinner and pisco sours. The food is some of the better that we have had in Costa Rica. Roberta and I(Adam) both had fish in a white sauce and the flavor was really good.

A couple days ago we had breakfast at Hotel Gran De Oro and were impressed. Good breakfast is hard to find.

1988dylan said...

Hotel Presidente (The News Cafe)has an excellent breakfast. Many English speaking employees. Though, I like the various "sodas" found about anywhere in SJ for breakfasts and lunches. (Definitely not gourmet, they usually are a bit seedy in appearance, but I never had a problem with the food or hospitality.) There is a good one just west of the Horse Shoe Casino on the same side of Avenida 1. Farther west within walking distance on Avenida 1 is a European Looking (named, perhaps)Breakfast place/bakery that is also quite good. Clean looking and friendly workers.

King Nerd said...

The News Cafe does have decent breakfast although it is kinda creeping being surrounded by fat Americans talking about what they did last night while eating breakfast. If you want to chat offline then go to my profile and drop me an email.