Friday, September 30, 2005

Central American Music

Just wanted to remind you that Adam has posted some of his music that he has been recording online. The stuff he's recording is pretty good. He's also letting me do back up vocals. Maybe I'll be famous one day like Tori Amos who sang back up for NIN. Except I have a bad voice that, thankfully, is easily covered by effects. I'm learning that effects = magic for recording music. With certain software anything can sound good.

Here's his music link.


Jacqueline Mackie Paisley Passey said...

Hi Roberta! It was nice to meet you today!

Kate said...

Adam , our computer currently does not have speakers, otherwise I would be listening to your music. I am sure you don't have an awful voice Roberta! Look how many singers (especially male vocalists) don't have "typical" sounding voices! It's better to be unique!!

You seem like you are having fun! We are happy for you! Lots of Love, Kate

Roberta Robles said...

Hi Kate
We miss you and all of your e-mails are bouncing so e-mail us with your new one. Say hello to Ruby and Joe.

Celia Davila said...
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