Saturday, October 01, 2005

Zoom zoom

There is a funny story from today that I have to share.

We have a new favorite sushi restaurant called Moby Dick's in San Pedro that we have been going to. We went to it for dinner and on the drive back we had an amazing driving experience. Down here the drivers are absolutely insane. We were driving back our normal route when we came upon this traffic jam. We are at a stop sign at a T in the road and we want to turn left. Well we can’t because there are two lanes of cars going in the opposite direction. This is a two way road mind you. So I am sitting at the stop sign for a while with my turn signal on and noone is getting the point that they are in the wrong lane. Well I see my chance and I gas it and turn into oncoming traffic. I am literally splitting down the center of two lanes of cars coming at me, laughing the whole time. Then the cars started to part and they let me through like nothing was wrong. An extreme example of Costa Rican driving but very typical. Ha. We got a good laugh out of that one.

Also, Shar made it back safe and sound. They ended up going to Tamarindo instead of Nosara since the plane couldn't land there. It sounds like they had a wonderful time. Shar is burnt crisp like a lobster and Chris has a bad rash from surfing but aside from that they are safe and sound. It sounds like they really enjoyed Tamarindo and thought that the guide book was way off base about how overdeveloped it is.

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