Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Another weekend at Puerto Viejo

Well Adam and I are nursing sun burns. My back is aching with bug bites and sun burns. Adam and I really like Puerto Viejo. We don't usually go out drinking, but Puerto Viejo is different. It seems as if your body can handle a lot more sun, food and drink than in the Central Valley. It is something about the easy Caribbean sea, blaring reggae and the sun. Also just a quick drive or bike ride out of town and you are on an isolated beach snorkeling and watching fishes swim by. Its like your own personal aquarium. We stayed at the Coco Loco Lodge and would recommend them. The owner is german and not very friendly but the cabinas are clean, neat, and far enough away from the town for a noise free evening. We've also stayed at MiraFlores Lodge and had a good time. Pamela the owner is really sweet and helpful when planning your daily outings.

We travelled down with Shar, Ryan and Lydia and had a good time. Next weekend outing we are going to have to go somewhere different, Shar will definately boycott another Puerto Viejo weekend. I think our next weekend is going to be at Arenal.


UncleWendy said...

I'm getting ready for a trip to puerto viejo for the holidays. I want to go to Manzanillo, south of Puerto Viejo to see the national wildlife reserve. Since i'll be so close to the Panamanian border, I think I should also visit Panama. Have you been? Do you suggest going anywhere specific?

Roberta Robles said...

Boca del Toro, the islands off of the coastline in Panama is a good destination, but I've never been. I've heard these islands are a must see if you are in the area. You either have to take a bus, or you may be able to charter a boat from PV or Manzanillo. Nature Air has a buy one get one free for the month of november so you could fly cheaply from San Jose.
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