Sunday, April 09, 2006

Goddess Dawn of Chuckville on the Minam River in Eastern Oregon

We have arrived in Portland OR, introduced Vida to her home with Michelle and Allen, and now is a good time for an Oregon post.

Dawn is my good friend from undergrad at Southern Oregon University. Later we were in the Resource Assistance for Rurale Environments (R.A.R.E.). Dawn and I were placed working for the GIS departments for Wallowa and Wasco Counties. This was our introduction to Eastern Oregon. Eastern Oregon is completely different than Western Oregon. This is where people really hunt and fish. Yeehaw!!

Dawn lassied up with Chuck. Chuck is the type of guy who you could spend an afternoon with and feel like you've been good friends for years. For a while they lived in a little old school house above the Minam River Campground. For a better description of the area read the following article from a fly fishing travel writer. Rat Pack Steelhead In Bing Crosby’s Paradise Part One

So here is a little plug for my good friends Dawn and Chuck in Minam Oregon who own the historic Minam Hotel. The Minam Motel is nestled virtually within the Eagle Cap Wilderness Area, and sits on the bank of the Wallowa River at the confluence of the Minam and Wallowa Rivers.

Since I'm not a hunter or fisher my favorite memory is floating down the Minam River in an innertube then running back up the river and doing it again. Also Hell's Canyon for rafting and hiking is very close by. Good Times in Oregon!

We are currently at the Goat Farm. I've got to get back to my fresh goat milk and coffee! Check out Missdee's French Alpine Dairy Goats.

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Anonymous said...

Hola Adam y Roberta,

I've read your posts down to 1 March 06, I think. Congrats on a lively, cool, funny blog with great pix.

Until last year I, too, had a cat named Vita (with a T)! Not only that, but I'm an American who moved to New Zealand in 93, and am also an Oregon fan. No wonder I enjoyed your blog :)

See you on Yahoo Expat Groups,

Julie (