Friday, April 07, 2006

Hasta Luego

We are in the airport right now hopefully all of our bags will make it onto the plane and to Portland safely. Especially the one with the cat in it.

Amazingly she went into the cat carrier easy at the house, like she knew we were moving. Typically you have to shove her pretty good to get her into the case.

We have 6 checked bags at 50 pounds each, the cat, two carry ons at 40 pounds each, and two laptop bags stuffed to the hilt. We were waiting in line and Roberta heard someone bitching about how much stuff we had. So the next time you are traveling and see someone with an unreasonable number of bags please understand that they might be moving. Before today I probably would have been in the crew that was doing the bitching.

Well, we will be boarding our flight soon so expect the look of the pictures to change. Less sun, more rain, no palms and bananas, and maybe even a little snow.

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Hugo said...

that's a nice picture of vida! Hope you guys are doing well on your transition. Everything A-OK here in CR. So the cat is not going to NZ with you?