Thursday, October 04, 2007

Hot-As Garbage Men

I was walking home from the pool and the garbage truck pulls up and out from the back jumps this hot shirtless crew of garbage men. They were wearing their high impact running shoes and running shorts. It's like they were running a marathon behind the garbage truck and just happen to be throwing the recycling in the back.

This country is so fit. Everybody works out a lot it seems.

Other things of interest. They cook eggs on the pizza. They just crack it open on top of the pizza and bake it. It's called an Aussie. Obviously I'm not as fit as anybody!


Anonymous said...

I am a garbage man and like your comment. We get a lot of nice, attractive women that stop to watch as we manhandle the bags and whatever else into the compactor. Guess you stopped to take a peak, huh :)

Roberta Robles said...

Garbage men are eye candy here, vs in the states you avoid looking, nobody wants to see a huge hairy plumber's crack!

Party Pooper said...

Hi from NZ.. Actually the courier guys are just as hot, but with clothes on... They also are very prolific with the ladies, so watch out.. don't trust 'em!

Anonymous said...

GarbageMen are hot!!!!
they are attractive. they rock.

Anonymous said...

There are still hot garbage men in the states too!