Saturday, October 06, 2007

Ride Right Ride Safe Motorcycle Class

I took a motorcycle safety class for intermediates last weekend and somebody was taking a few pictures. Here are a few of mine.

A few differences between US style classes and Kiwi classes
a) You can have a drink if you know what your tolerance limit is vs. the US where they taught no drinking and motorcycling. Not that I would ever drink and ride, cause I'm a little paranoid about these things.
b) The instructors where riding wheelies up and down the runway, whereas in the US the instructors would only ride super conservative during the course training.

Overall I enjoyed the Kiwi class a lot better. The instructors where volunteers and everybody was having a really good time. Except for some of the hog riders who had such big bikes they kept knocking over all the cones. haha none of my cones went down!


Miles said...

I took time to read your blog and i am really amazed with all you have done with your life. I Live in Vancouver, Wa just north of where you guys used to live but of course you know that... but have fun in new zealand, i have always wanted to visit there with my wife.

King Nerd said...

Thanks for the comment. New Zealand is a great place to vacation to. It is extremely scenic and just different enough to be exciting. You will drive around here and think "Oh, this looks just like the Pacific NW." Except there will be odd birds, tree ferns and a funny accent.

There are some really good deals on airfare to New Zealand that come through every once and a while. You should be able to get a flight for around $1000 if you dig for it. Our favorite airline is Air New Zealand. If you want any recommendations on places to see then email us, we are happy to answer questions.

NewKiwi said...

Damn, girl, you look so cool!

Roberta Robles said...

adam and I have a lot of fun travelling and living in different places. next week i'm going on a motorcycle trip to Napier. just souped up the sv650 with a heat plug insert in case it gets cold or wet.