Thursday, April 07, 2005

First full day down

Yesterday was my first full day in Houston working. I am getting my laptop up to speed and having meetings with the people who I will be working with. Seems like a nice group to start with. The NetIQ office here is much nicer than the Portland office. It is well decorated and has all the snacks and drinks that you can consume.

My hotel room is huge here. King size bed, walk in tile shower, living room, etc. All meals are paid for so I have been eating like a king.

Off to go set up a PO box so we can forward our mail.


Marya said...

Stop by Documentation and say hi to Paul Mueller for me.

Also, there's a Latin American restaurant called Churrasco's you should check out if you haven't. Best desserts ever.

Dustin said...

You must have never seen the old NetIQ Houston office, which was a really drab place even with the free food and drinks. Pentasafe and dotcom-era spending are ultimately responsible for the attractiveness of the current office. Pentasafe moved to that office from some kind of older, very attractive building, so the new office was in fact designed to emulate some of that old look-and-feel to help ease the change in locations with the employees.