Sunday, April 10, 2005

Flat flat flat.

Just rolled in to New Orleans. The town has a great vibe to start off with. Lots of old historic character preserved. On the drive here I saw my first armadillo road kill. Looks like it would suck to hit one of those buggers. Then I also saw the aftermath of a cattle truck that rolled. They had this hug pile of dead cows and they were digging a hole with a backhoe right next to the highway. Odd to say the least.

Also just got word from Roberta that she made it into Costa Rica. She didn't give me any details but it sounds like it went less than ideal. I was worried about what would happen traveling with Vida. Hopefully Roberta and I can chat tonight about the details.

Well, I am off to the Cafe Du'Mont and Bourbon Street. Wish me luck.

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