Saturday, April 09, 2005

First full week down

You remember in my last post I said that I was eating like a king? Now I know why kings are so fat. I make the relation to a method of quiting smoking. Everyone has heard that a great way to quit smoking is to smoke a couple packs as fast as you can and you will hate it forever. I am beginning to feel the same way about eating. If I can eat enough for these two weeks I will never want to eat again. That will be my diet.

Anyhow, I am driving to New Orleans for the weekend. Never been there so it should be an experience. Everyone is telling me to go to Cafe Dumont. They say something about little cups of coffee and twigs. Hmm.... Sounds interesting. The sad part is that I forgot my camera at home. I will just need to create pictures with words in my blog.

Well I am off to eat a 60 ounce steak dinner and I need to get ready for the gravy pipe. Need to do some Yoga first to stretch out my stomach. Wish me luck.

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