Sunday, June 05, 2005

Martha's Vineyard

What... I thought this blog was about Costa Rica. Well I, Roberta, attended a friend's wedding at Martha's Vineyard. I met Sonia at Cornell and she was recently married to Brook, who she also met at Cornell. They went thru some 'relationship growing pains' but they are now married. Which is great they are definately meant for each other on a lot of levels.

The wedding was really fun. My Cornell friends and I met up in Boston for an evening of beer drinking and catching up. Boston is a beautiful city. I would consider an urban living situation in Boston for a few years, unfortunately it's about as expensive as Manhatten in the nice areas.

The next day we head off to the Wood's Hull port where we caught a ferry to the island. My southern friends and I (from San Diego and Florida) brought the sun because it was beautiful weather. Almost as hot as C.R.

As soon as we get to our hotel we have 45 minutes to catch a bus to the clam bake. This clam bake had awesome food, including yummy lobster and wine. I've been missing good wine and beer - Costa Rica doesn't have too many options on that front except if you want to pay too much.

The next day is the wedding a short walk from our hotel at another hotel with a great view. It reminded me of Florence and growing up on the Oregon Coast except Martha's Vineyard was much much nicer and had a lot more yachts.

You can check out the pictures here:
Wedding pictures

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