Monday, June 06, 2005

The Rainy What?

Wow, I guess it is the rainy season here. This is not like Oregon rain, it is a hard downpour that has been going on since mid morning. There are rivers in the streets and the drivers here who constantly have the “Pedal to the Metal” have learned that the accelerator is a variable input device.

This morning when it was sunny and perfect out I planted a bunch of plants that I scored from our friend Claire. We walked around her house and just pulled things out of the ground and tossed them in a bag. I will most likely have to replant them after the rain stops. I am going to take weekly pictures or so of the garden so that everyone can see how fast things grow here. I planted a basil plant in a pot on the roof and within’ a week it had doubled in size. Roberta has said that if you put a stick in the ground here it will grow into a tree.

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