Sunday, June 05, 2005

Travel Companions Wanted

Hello All
As Adam has mentioned, we have prioritized some travel destinations in Central America that we hope to see during our stay in C.R, not in any particular order.

Guanacaste is a northern pacific province of Costa Rica. Think beaches, oh yeah. Our friends have undeveloped beach front property there were we can either do some rustic camping or get some near by cabinas. This is about a 4-5 hour drive from San Jose

Lake Nica
There are two islands in the middle of Lake Nica which were formed by volcanos. Think isolated beaches of fresh water, home of the only freshwater sharks. This lake is in Nicaraugua so would require a bit of travelling from San Jose.

San Andres, Columbia
This little island is very close to Costa Rica but is Columbian on the Caribean side. Think snorkeling in coral reefs.

Puerto Viejo
Puerto Viejo is a Caribean town which has a strong 'rasta' culture and beautiful Caribeean beaches.

Granada Nicaragua
Granada is an old Spanish colonial town famed for it's spanish style architecture.

Come join us and break some laws by visiting Cuba. Americans aren't suppose to go to Cuba but lot's do. Which also means that it won't inundated by tacky tourist traps. We've seen some fairly reasonable packages from Costa Rica.

Volcano Arenal
This volcano is famed for erupting when president Kennedy visited. I've heard there are smaller eruptions that are neato to see. This could be a day trip from San Jose.

Yep, this is a turtle-like destination. I need to do some more research so we can hit this location when the turtles are migrating. I've heard that you can volunteer there to heard the turtles or transport eggs. Sounds like a good excuse to see some wildlife. My mother has some funny stories about herding tarantulas and turtles in the Mojave Desert when she was a little girl. Adam and I are activley avoiding jumping trantulas but big slow moving turtles are more reasonable. My mom's brave like that.

Panama Canal
I've heard that Pananma Canal is nothing special, but it would be interesting to see it and use this as an excuse to explore Panama.

So, if any of these destinations perk your interests or if you have any that you want to add let us know. It's a lot more fun to travel with companions and it cuts down on costs.

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