Thursday, June 23, 2005

We didn't screw up!!!!

We finally had our show in the park. Mauricio on guitarra(guitar), Master Lucas on Tumbadora(Large Conga), and me on Bajo(bass). We have been practicing for the past few weeks getting ready for the show. Really fun music which I call Funky Latin Jam Folk. Soon I will have recordings and I will post them up here.

The show went perfectly. We were there on time and got set up without any technical problems. About ten minutes before we were supposed to play it started pouring down rain but quickly stopped. All the people came back out from hiding so we had a decent audience. We were all a little nervous but we nailed the show. Super fun time.

The weekend prior Roberta and I went to an open air produce/flea market near downtown. Piles of junk for sale. If ever I needed an old VCR that looked like it got hit by a hammer I would definately go back there. There were a lot of very expensive looking digital cameras without accesories or cables. Hmmm... Let me see.... STOLEN. They actually had the new camera that I was looking at getting there but my guilt got the better of me.

We actually went to the market to get produce which there was a ton of. An cheap too. Payin about .20c for a white pineapple. Most produce you could get a bag of for about .20c.

We also bought some Churros from this guy who was wheeling around this cooler. For .20c each we got a large stick of deep fried goodness filled with semi-sugary goo coated with cinnamon sugar. Mmmm.... That is the reason that I will go back to that market.

We are also very excited because my mom is coming down in August to stay for a while. Maybe we will go to Bogota Columbia. There is a 4 night trip deal with airfair and lodging and breakfast for $200 each person. There is the little problem with abductions in Columbia that we need to look into though.

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