Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back in the States Part 4 of 4 : San Francisco and Beyond

After High Sierra we spent 3 days recovering in San Francisco at Adam's sister's and her b.f. Kevin's place. We were pretty burnt and spent practically the entire time taking naps on the floor in their tiny apartment. Kevin took the time to explain the strategy of the Tour de France, or just road bicycle racing in general. And we basically tried to stay out of June's way cuz she works (a lot) from home and we were probably a little annoying with all of our floor snoring.

However, I must say, June performed a rockin' sisterly-like finale when, after the large size cab failed to show up, she drove us to the airport. This is after reserving a Zip car truck over her phone-gadget. Whoa! Sweet Jesus we are in the land of car sharing bliss. June got us to the airport in record timing, using her long-forgotten farm truck driving ways. Yee-ha! We had to have the truck to carry my new bicycle in along with all our stateside bootie.

Also a big hello again to everybody we saw: Kristen, Darren, Art, Josh, Josh's look alike cousin, Art, Tianna, Monty, Jim Bean, Monica, Isabella, Patrick, Jerry, Jarren, Simone, Brian V., Mom, Andrea, water gun fights with Andre, Tio, Larry, Rachel & Kurt, Tanna, Marya and family, Jeanette and all of those kool kids at the baby shower, Pete, Kevin's family, Trisha and Ted & co, Megan and Dave atari, Nancy and J, and of course Gene and Charlotte and the goats (cheese!), Chuck and his family, Pam and Mark, Erin, Dawn, Angie, Natalie, Jen and daughter, Angie's mom, Dad, Sheila, Tommy, Roger, Shanna and Brian, Dan, Ian, Dr Dan, Jamie, Kevin and Christy, Nancy and Kevin, Kearstin. There's a number of people I may have forgotten and there are a number of people we didn't get to see that we really wanted to.

Fortunately it's a small world and there will be more time to visit soon enough, though it does seem like time has been flying by. It seems like just a couple of months ago since we left Portland for Costa Rica. I'll refrain from digging back further into the pre-blog memories such as living in Ashland, Florence, The Dalles, Ithaca NY, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and even Klamath Falls. Yikes I'm either getting old or have I always been a sort of vagabond? Probably a little of both.

Now it's just nice sleeping in my own bed.

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