Monday, July 21, 2008

Bicycle Challenge #1 Complete

They were so sure of the Bianchi Volpe as a steel tough commuting bike at the shop they humourously challenged me to test it. The smirky smile on Adam's face acknowledged that if there was something to break I would find it.

I fully admit I'm the asshat twit who doesn't know how to shift gears. It's an honest mistake, I haven't been on a bike in years. You just have to pedal when your shifting, but I forgot about the 'lifting up' as you shift part. Doh! I snapped my bike chain going up the steep bumpy hill. AND, I couldn't get my foot out of my pedals and I careened over and landed my side-ass on my seat post.

I've been on vacation for the last month and my first Monday back to work didn't go to well.

Adam saved the day and my bike is working so I'm going to give it another try tomorrow. Gotta go ice my ass now...

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