Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Got Hit by a Car on My First Day Commuting by Bike

Yes, sadly, Auckland drivers are totally dildos. It was a pathetic wet rainy morning and some douchenozzlette on her way to work drove by me and clipped me with her mirror. The best part was she didn't stop.

I bitched her out at the next intersection, scaring the living shit out of her. I forgot to get her plate numbers. Here's what Cycle Action Auckland say to do about reporting incidences. It looks like I'll be filing a report.


chucknoblet said...

dammit! glad it wasn't too bad. i love 'douchnozzlette' - also, the first line of that site you cite reads, "Had a crash? We're hope you're OK!" Is that kiwi speak or just a typo?

King Nerd said...

Yeah, it's like Y'all for Kiwis. Actually, no, it's a typo.

Roberta Robles said...

The page is from Cycle Action Auckland and the page describes what to do if you crash. So no it's not a typo. It's just kiwi's speak, which is sugary sweet.